Presented a paper at IEEE.


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Presented a paper at IEEE.

Revorn CTO Noriaki Koide presented a paper about “Fragrance to Vector as Scent Technology” at “2nd International Workshop on Big Data Transfer Learning” in “IEEE BigData Conference 2017”

“iinioi project”, that Revorn’s core business, we succeeded in organizing the scent recognition and linguistic representation that is said diffucult to collaborate mainly on Fragrance 2 Vec.

In order to understand human recognition on scent, it is required to learn sequencing odors and its expression.
When using only distributed representations of words about odor and fragrance for scent recognition, they lose quantitative scales.
This study is about a machine learning between textual and vector representation of scent.
In this paper, scent vector and recognition using deep learning were proposed.

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iinioi project

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