Advanced Big Data Analysis

20 December, 2017

As part of collaborative research with the University of Nagasaki, On 2017 18th December, took the rostrum for graduate students about methodology of big data on "scent" used in the "iinioi project" at lecture "Advanced lecture on big data analysis" at the University of Nagasaki.   In this lecture, firstly explain how big data is used in the actual industry using REVORN's "iinioi Project" After that, a graduate student of Nagasaki University gave a practice exercises on abnormality [...]

Presented a paper at IEEE.

18 December, 2017

Revorn CTO Noriaki Koide presented a paper about "Fragrance to Vector as Scent Technology" at "2nd International Workshop on Big Data Transfer Learning" in "IEEE BigData Conference 2017" "iinioi project", that Revorn's core business, we succeeded in organizing the scent recognition and linguistic representation that is said diffucult to collaborate mainly on Fragrance 2 Vec. In order to understand human recognition on scent, it is required to learn sequencing odors and its expression. [...]

Apply for a patent.

11 December, 2017

Today,11th December 2017,REVORN Co., Ltd apply for a patent about Scent identification system. The "iinioi" project has been started with the purposes of data visualization for every scent and smell that exist in this world.Based upon the data of scents, environments, and personal emotions,it analyzes the patterns of your preference. With a massive data and repeated self-studying, this project will lead us to live in the affluent future. To improve the quality of this "iinioi" projec [...]